Becky, mother of 3, soul-friend to many

InCourage has taught me to feel so that I can heal, face my fears so I can be free to help my daughter face hers, and a process for self-awareness and self-regulation of my emotions and others that has radically improved my mental health. The courage it required to...

Crystal, mom of two boys

InCourage helped me take a look at my relationship with my dad and how that impacted me growing up. I think I saw it from that perspective because i’m a mom of boys. I want to raise men who will one day have relationships with women. I thought about what a great...

Maxine, great-grandmother, Canada

I have two grown daughter who each have two grown daughters as well. Now I have five great grandsons. If I were to write them a book I would have wanted to write this one. It is so practical and equally suited for our new young men.

Beth, mom of 3

I opened InCourage to grow as a mom. It resulted in a raw, but grace-filled, journey of growth as a daughter, which has impacted every part of my life.